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Report Hails Covid Collaboration As Way Of Future

The way different pharmaceutical firms have worked together on research aimed at stemming the tide of the Coronavirus pandemic provides a clear example of how firms in the industry should work together in the future, a new report has argued.

Funding Secured For London Cancer Hub

The London Cancer Hub project has recently received a major boost in the form of £8.4 million in funding for its development. Labmate revealed that the money is coming from London’s Strategic Investment pot and that it will be used to continue the development of a world-leading campus where organisations focus on finding ways to […]

GDPR: How Are Businesses Coping One Year On?

It has been one year since the GDPR legislation came into force in the EU and there has been much talk about whether it’s working and how effective it has been. Money Week recently explored what impact GDPR has had on businesses and consumers. The publication highlighted the significant increase in data breaches that have […]

Future Of UK Life Sciences In Personalised Medicines

The UK’s life sciences sector has been going from strength to strength and it’s one of the areas that is covered by the government’s industrial strategy. A new report has identified the main areas of growth for the industry, with personalised medicines one of the top areas of focus. The others are wearable technology, diagnostics […]

How The Life Sciences Sector Is Preparing For Brexit

The Brexit deadline is looming, with a little over a month to go, and still the UK does not know what terms it will be leaving on. As a result, businesses from all industries are having to prepare for the worst-case scenario and hope for something better. So, what are firms in the life sciences […]

How Do You Think Your Company Measures Up With GDPR Compliance?

It’s been almost nine months since Europe’s GDPR legislation was introduced, so how do you think your company is coping with the new regulations and are they always compliant? IT Pro recently shared the findings of the bi-annual Dell Digital Transformation Index, which found that almost one-third of businesses don’t believe that they’re fully compliant […]

Cyber Security Breaches Up Since GDPR Introduction

The introduction of the GDPR legislation in May this year made it a legal requirement for firms to publicly report any data breaches that affect consumers’ personal data within 72 hours of them occurring. Now one law firm has said that it’s seen a ten-fold increase in the number of security breach cases it’s handling […]

Cancer Treatments Prioritised By New Life Sciences Spin-out

A spin-out of a successful life sciences company in the UK aims to look specifically at finding new treatments for cancer. NeoPhore has been created by Cambridge-based PhoreMost and is being backed by the CRT Pioneer Fund, which has provided financial support to get NeoPhore off the ground, the Cambridge News revealed. In total, £3 […]

Science Innovation Audit Awarded To Northern Powerhouse

The life sciences sector in the north of the UK is thriving and it’s recently been given a further boost by the government’s Science Innovation Audit (SIA) award to the Northern Powerhouse in Health Research (NPiHR). SIAs are designed to help regions map their areas of strength when it comes to research and innovation, as […]